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Ohio: History

These sites contain information about Ohio history. Teachers can find Ohio history in different time periods, lesson plans, historical photos, games, and encyclopedia resources for their classes.


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Here is a general introduction of Ohio history. Here students also can learn Ohio history from the perspectives of groups, organizations, places, and events. NOTE: The subcategory "artifacts" currently has no records available.
Learn about historical events, important facts, famous people, and symbols of Ohio State.
Students can explore Ohio's cultural heritage from the perspective of archaeology. Learn how archaeologists uncover evidence of the past. An award-winning exhibit "The First Ohioans" is displayed here.
Here is a general introduction to Ohio history. Several important time periods are elaborated here: prehistory to the American Revolution, the Settlement of the Old Northwest, The War of 1812, further settlement, and twentieth-century developments.
This site provides a visual tour of the Ohio State House. Learn the history of the building and find information about the Senate Building.
This site is an online encyclopedia that includes information about Ohio's natural history, prehistory, and history. Students can find written information, maps, timelines, and images in each section.
Learn about famous Ohioans such as inventors, astronauts, presidents, and women through reading features biographies and playing games. NOTE: Downloading Macromedia Shockwave plug-in is required for playing games.
Here are over 26,000 sources such as images and documents from Ohio libraries, museums, and historical societies. Learn Ohio history from prehistory to present.
Learn Ohio History through these games. Click on the bubbleheads to view the list of games. There are also exhibits such as objects that were commonly used in 20th century Ohio. NOTE: To play these games, Macromedia Shockwave Player needs to be downloaded.
This site contains several Ohio historical photos. Students can also read a historical newspaper from 1815 to 1985 online.
Here are several digital images of Ohio's history. Browse these images based on different categories such as people, place, event, and objects.
This site contains history stories of cities in the Ohio state. Click on the name of each city and find related information.

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