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Science: Pendulums

Learn how pendulums are made and what they tell us about the earth’s shape and rotation. See how pendulums are a part of every day objects like clocks and swings. There are online simulations that allow you to manipulate pendulums and view the results. There are also instructions for hands-on activities and a video of a Foucault pendulum. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on force and motion.


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Find out about pendulums and inertia on this site. Click on the libk at the bottom of the page to find out why pendulums are scientifically important.
Learn about gravity by performing these three basic pendulum experiments: changing the weight, changing the angle, and changing the length of the string.
This interactive simulation allows you to change the parameters in the simulation and view the effects of those changes.
This simulation lets you choose how long the pendulum is and how much gravity is affecting it. Use the stopwatch to time each swing. Suggested experiments and activities are included.
Read about Galileo and his work with pendulums.
Read about amusement park rides and how they incorporate pendulums.
This PBS site lets you work with a virtual pendulum using Shockwave. In this experiment, students can change the pendulum's string length, the starting angle from which the bob is released, the rate of rotation, and the force of gravity. "Let's Swing" takes you right to the virtual pendulum. The headings at the bottom are about Foucault and pendulums.
Learn about this large pendulum on display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. You can watch videos of the pendulum as it swings. You can read Foucault's papers about the pendulum and find out what this type of pendulum proves.
This site helps explain what pendulums are, how they work, and what good they do. Photos are used along with text to explain.
Learn a variety of pendulum equations on this site. NOTE: This site includes ads and sponsored links.
These sites cover the basic concepts of physics. Learn about force, motion, and friction using interactive simulations where you can manipulate the variables. Includes links to eThemes Resources on Simple Machines, Magnets, and Gravity.

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