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Teaching Tips: Guided Reading

These sites offer information about guided reading for primary and upper elementary grade levels. Read a case study, plus see how teaching strategies and tips have been implemented in different classrooms. Topics include the Four Blocks teaching method with emphasis on the guided reading and self-selected reading blocks. Also learn how to assign levels to books.


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This site includes links to PDF resources for guided reading including reading prompts, activities, teaching tips, and more.
This site includes strategies and activities for teaching guided reading to primary students of various reading levels.
Learn more about guided reading: what it is, its purpose, how to do it, how to adapt it, assessment and evaluation considerations, and teacher resources.
This site includes links to numerous guided reading activities.
Follow these basic steps for a guided reading lesson. NOTE: This site includes ad
This site from Carol Hurst has examples of how to do guided reading with specific literature.
This article explains how the Four Blocks program can be adapted to upper grades. Scroll down for a list of other guided reading articles.
Read some responses to common questions teachers have about guided reading.
This chart has ideas for before and after reading activities.
Here are some suggestions for friends helping friends to read.
This Scholastic site includes sample lessons for guided reading.

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