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Teaching Tips: Universal Design for Learning

These sites are teaching tips on universal design for learning. They include adaptive or learning technologies originally designed for Learning Disabled or Special Education students as a tool for all students in any classroom. Teachers can find games, movies, interactive activities from these sites to improve students reading and writing skills.


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This site contains many digital books for improving students reading skills. these universally designed books will support diverse learners according to their personal needs and interests. These books can be read online and also can be downloaded by both HTML version and print version.
This site includes many engaging activities, games, videos that are used to enhance diverse children's literacy.
This site includes over 10,000 e-books with various formats and fits diverse readers' needs. Students also can read reviews from other kids.
This site is full of fun and inspiring activities/games to help parents/educators improve children's literacy skills.
Through tracing letters through fingers, the activity aims to help students recognize letters and fine motor control.
This activity was originally designed for Children with severe writing problems, but it also can be used for normal students to practice their handwriting. Each page includes the Capital and Lower Case of each letter. Students can practice writing with each letter.
This activity teaches students how to read or search for information on a page.
This site uses multimedia technology to teacher early beginning readers with recognizing and pronouncing alphabet letters.
Here are lots of fun stuff for teaching intermediate children readers through music, poety, tongue twisters and so on.

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