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Teaching Tips: Virtual Reality Simulation

These sites include theories and research of virtual reality simulations. Included are sample projects of VR applied in education. Teachers can use these sample sites for enhancing students’ learning in English, biology, ocean science, and more.


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Read this article explaining the concepts of virtual reality and simulations. This article also discusses applications of virtual reality and computer simulations in the classroom.
Here is a virtual operation of heart transplant. In this hands-on exercise, students can enter a virtual operating theater and perform a heart transplant. This is a simplified version of operation with basic steps are included. NOTE: This content is free, but registration is required.
Here is an introduction to a virtual reality-learning environment--MOO (multi-user, object-oriented environment).
This site provides a platform where people studying English as a second or foreign language can practice English while sharing ideas and experiences with other learners. Students can make one-on-one and group conversations as well as access to language games, an on-line dictionary, a virtual library and a grammar maze.
Here is an example of creating virtual reality in a mathematics classroom. Here five main topics, consisting of numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis and probability. Each topic has many applets that demonstrate various concepts.
Here is a paper describing a semester-long user study using Virtual Harlem in an English literature course and discuss the experiences of integrating virtual reality technology in classroom.
This is a virtual reality environment to learn about insects.
This site offers an interactive frog dissection class.
This is a virtual reality classroom improving teachers and students' understanding of biology or medicine.
This article discusses the definition of virtual reality and how to use virtual reality in a language classroom.
Here is an example of virtual reality model used in the teaching and learning of cell and molecular biology.
This is a project applying virtual reality technology in geo-science education. Here are 4-D maps which can give learners highly visual, interactive exploration opportunities in the ocean sciences.

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