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Yellowstone National Park

Learn about the animals, history, geography, geology, and attractions in Yellowstone National Park. Includes information about the Yellowstone fires of 1988, geysers, and gray wolves. There are graphics, audio, video, and Shockwave animations.


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This site includes a two-part radio broadcast from NPR about the effects of the Yellowstone fires and the park's regrowth. Click on "Yellowstone Fires in the Classroom" for class resources.
A comprehensive Yellowstone site that features maps, a Webcam, and video.
Explore ten major geographical and geological attractions of Yellowstone.
This part of the National Park Service Yellowstone site includes "Online Tours" and describes the historic significance of different park areas and attractions.
This real-time still image updates every 30 seconds.
Read about the history of the Yellowstone region, its native peoples, unique geography, and diverse ecology. You can also take a virtual tour of three of its most famous features on this site.
Explore some of the unique geographic features of Yellowstone Park on this interactive site. Go underground to discover what is responsible for the colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring, or trigger an eruption of Old Faithful. NOTE: This site has a banner ad.
Yellowstone is home to many diverse species of wildlife. These lists offer guidelines for practicing respectful behavior in the field, which improves everyone's chances of enjoying Yellowstone's unique features.
This encyclopedia entry contains factual, historical, and geographic information about Yellowstone National Park. NOTE: This site has banner and pop-up ads.

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