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Animals: Ladybugs

These sites are about the life cycle, anatomy, and habitat of ladybugs, also called ladybird beetles. There are several activity ideas, handouts, photographs, and interactive games.


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View pictures of different species of ladybugs.
This site explains the anatomy, habitat, and life cycle of ladybugs. Includes hands-on craft ideas. NOTE: This site includes ads.
View photographs showing the different stages of a ladybug's life cycle.
Have students write stories about ladybugs with this themed, lined writing paper.
Follow the instructions to print these 11 coloring pages. NOTE: The site includes ads.
In this online game, the object is to drag the ladybug over the aphids to save the rose. Fun for the SMARTboard.
This animated story explains how one second-grade class petitioned their state legislature and got a bill passed that made the ladybug the official state bug of Massachusetts.
Read this encyclopedia entry on ladybugs. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Play this online interactive game and learn the parts of a ladybug's body. This game illustrates the difference between the anatomy of ladybugs and other bugs. NOTE: This site requires Shockwave. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about aphids, a type of insect that ladybugs eat.
This is a simple story about a ladybug who gets trapped inside a house.
Read this short article to find out how ladybugs get their name.
Also known as lady beetles, learn more about ladybugs found in Kentucky. The reading level is more advanced for this site, but the information and photographs are useful and can be modified by the teacher.
This site includes ladybug information that could be useful in a science fair project.
Explore these websites about insects and their relatives. Included are picture galleries of different types of insects, insect themed activities and games, and insect recipes. There are also online videos, audio clips, and quizzes. Included are eThemes resources on ants, bees, ladybugs, butterflies, silkworms, and grasshoppers.

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