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Rivers: Channelization

These sites are about stream and river channelization. Here you will find information about what channelization is, why it is practices, and how it effects the environment. Included are lesson plans and activities, and two eThemes resources on rivers and wetlands.


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This 4-page PDF explains stream channelization, the economic implications associated with it, compares normal streams to channelized streams, and provides alternatives to channelizing a stream.
Here is an index of lesson plans about streams, stream habitats, watersheds, water quality, and more. The lessons are available as PDF files.
This PDF has information on stabilizing streambanks and keeping streams healthy.
This page is about urban sprawl and stream channelization, and how these things can affect water quality.
In this video, stream ecologist John Munro uses his stream table to demonstrate various phenomena associated with flooding, including channelization (starts at 1:43). (Total running time: 9:37). NOTE: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.).
These sites are about rivers and how they are formed. Topics include streams, tributaries, deltas, floodplains, and sediment. There are vocabulary words, illustrations, activity ideas, and quizzes. Includes eThemes Resources on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.
Read about the different types of wetlands (swamps, marshes, and bogs) and find out why these habitats are in danger of disappearing. Learn more about the plants and animals that make up this ecosystem. Includes many photographs. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on habitats.

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