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Space: Observatories and Planetariums

These sites have information about observatories and planetariums. Find out how observatories help scientists learn more about space and how planetariums help non-scientists understand the universe. Take virtual tours and view photographs of these places. Also includes information about telescopes. There are links to eThemes Resources on constellations and planets.


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This one-page PDF file explains the history of the planetarium what takes place inside of one.
Use the "Touch Sensitive Map" to take a tour of a San Diego observatory and view images.
Read a simple explanation on how telescopes work. Click on "Next Page" at the bottom to start. NOTE: This site has pop-up ads.
Click on Next Picture for images of the interior of this planetarium.
This is the official site of the U.S. Naval Observatory, which has many duties, including determining the precise time. Click on "About USNO" to learn more. Click on the picture to see an enlarged view.
Take a virtual tour of this observatory. Click on the Tour Mount Wilson Online button on the left hand side to navigate.
This site shows six pictures of the different telescopes used at the McDonald Observatory.
Click on the pictures to take a virtual tour of this observatory and to see the control room and the telescopes.
Follow the links to see different views of this observatory, including pictures of the telescopes.
Learn about different telescopes and how they work. Includes information about their history and inventors.
What is planetarium? Find out the answer on this link. Click on the Ask an Astronomer link at the bottom left of the page to find out more.
Learn more about planetariums, how the work, the purpose and uses. Find out what an orrey is and how it got its name. NOTE: This site has pop-up ads.
Learn the definition of Observatory. Click on the links to learn more about use of telescope, as well as the structure, and development of observatories. NOTE: This site has pop-up ads.
View many illustrations of constellations. Learn how they were named and other historical information. Find out what phases the stars go through. Also learn about associated Roman and Greek mythology. Includes quizzes and a movie.
These sites are about the solar system and its nine planets. Includes facts and photographs of the planets. Learn about the various climates and structures. There are links to eThemes resources on revolution and rotation, the earth's moon, and space exploration.

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