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Women's History Month

Learn more about Women’s History Month (March) and International Women’s Day (March 8). There are many biographies of famous women who excelled in a variety of fields. Includes quizzes, crossword puzzles, timelines, and suggested classroom activities. There are links to eThemes Resources on a variety of famous women.


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Watch this short cartoon to find out when and how women finally got the right to vote in America. To access the cartoon, click on "Social Studies," then "Women's Suffrage." NOTE: The website is available by subscription only.
This site organizes biographies of famous women by their field and by decade. Try the online activity of matching words with the women who spoke them.
This site introduces famous women in American history from 1600 to the present. Includes lots of video and audio clips under "Media Gallery." This website is more appropriate for older students.
This site has information about the women who have been nominated into the Women's Hall of Fame.
Here is a word search for Women's History Month.
This site has many articles about women's history and profiles of notable women.
Read about five amazing women and discover the differences they made.
This site features eight women who came to the front and served as journalists, photographers, and broadcasaters during WWII.
Learn about International Women's Day. Scroll down for several crosswords and quizzes relating to women's history under "Fun Stuff."
Read more about the ratification of the 19th Amendment. Click on "Ratification Map" to see the order in which the states ratified this amendment. The reading level is for older students.
This is a matching game about famous American women.
Read this statement from President George W. Bush that was released on International Women's Day in 2004.
These sites are about a Native American princess named Pocahontas. Learn about her father, Powhatan, who was chief of the Algonquin tribe, her husband, John Rolfe, and a friend, Captain John Smith. Includes several biographies and portraits of Pocahontas. There is also a classroom unit on Pocahontas, Jamestown, and the Algonquin tribe.
These sites have biographies of famous women who have connections to Missouri. The list includes Bess Truman, Calamity Jane, Marie Elizabeth Oliver, Susan Elizabeth Blow, Molly Brown, Maya Angeleou, and more. Learn about the contributions they made and how they earned their fame. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Learn about famous women from Utah both living and deceased including Reva Beck Bosone, Martha Hughes Cannon, Debbi Fields, and many more. There is a link to pictures of artwork done by Utah women artists, the women honored by the Utah Commission for Women & Familes, and a link to an eThemes Resource on women's history month.
Read about Rosa Parks and her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Learn the truth behind some of the myths surrounding her story. Includes biographies, photographs, and interviews. There are also some audio and video clips, plus a link to eThemes Resources on the Civil Rights Movement and famous black Americans.
Read about Helen Keller, a deafblind woman who fought for the rights of people with vision and hearing problems. Learn how she communicated with others and used this talent to share her ideas and beliefs. Includes letters, memorabilia, and several photographs, plus suggested classroom activities. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on disability awareness.
These sites are about Ruby Bridges and her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Read about the Ruby Bridges Foundation. Includes classroom activities, biographies, interviews, and photographs, plus information about a movie and books based on her life. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on the Civil Rights Movement.

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