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These sites are about different species of zebras. Learn how zebras’ striped coats help protect them from lions, which are their biggest predator. Includes several photographs.


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This page has information about this animal's physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, and predators.
Read a short encyclopedia entry about zebras. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This page has information about the behavior and anatomy of zebras. Includes a labeled illustration that you can print.
Find out interesting facts about a zebra's stripes. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This page has information about the Grevy's zebra, including its physical charateristics, natural history, and behavior. Click on the "Photos" link at the left to view pictures.
Read about this endangered animal. Click on "Think Stripes on a Thin Line" to learn more about zebra conservation.
Find out the meaning of stripes for zebras. Includes information about how they are endangered.
Learn all about the different species of zebra. There is also information on zebra ranching and efforts to recreate an extinct species of zebra, the Quagga.
This page has lots of factual information about zebras including several photographs.
Learn about the geography and culture of Africa and African countries. Includes information on popular national parks and wildlife reserves. eThemes Resources on grassland habitats and East African culture are linked.

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