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Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals

These sites have information about the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Read about the players, managers, owners, and history of the St. Louis team. Includes articles on Jack Buck, Darryl Kile, Roger Maris, and Mark McGwire. Links to eThemes Resources on the Negro Baseball League and an overview of baseball are included.


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Read all sorts of information about the team. In the "Kids" site, there is a game section with an online pinball baseball game and a mascot coloring page. "History" has a timeline of the team's history. "Stadium" shows a diagram of the stadium. NOTE: Site has a pop-up ad.
This bit of trivia is about the man who kept the St. Louis team from moving in 1953.
Read about the home run record and Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Maris.
The CNN Sports Illustrated Cardinals page includes statistics, player salaries, and information about the stadium. Click on "Payroll" to see how much the players earn. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site includes the history of some of the players, manager, and other interesting facts. NOTE: The site contains banner and pop-up ads.
This article talks about this player's death and how the team reacted to the sad news.
The top of this page lists the team names and the years. Scroll down for each year's record and manager.
Read about the career and life of Cardinal's announcer Jack Buck. NOTE: The site has pop-up ads.
See this listing for all of the members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Can science determine what makes a great slugger? Read how researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have reenacted the 1921 Babe Ruth tests with Cardinal Albert Pujols.
These sites have information about the teams and players in the Negro Baseball League. The history of the league is explained in text and timelines. Many sites have photos and biographies of these players.
These sites offer an introduction to the sport of baseball. Read about the history of baseball and how the game is played. Visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame to learn about famous players. Includes interactive baseball games. There are links to eThemes Resources on the St. Louis Cardinals and the Negro League.

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