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Utah: Habitat: Wetlands

Find out about the wetlands in Utah. Read about where they are and what kinds of plants and animals live there. Includes activities, lesson plans, photographs, and a book list. There is a link to an eThemes resource on wetland habitats.


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Learn more about the Utah Lake Wetland Preserve, including information about watersheds, wetlands, native specifies, the Provo River Restoration Project, and the Lower Duchesne River Wetlands Project.
Learn what kinds of animals make up wetland wildlife creatures and create "wacky wetland wildlife" by switching different parts of animals bodies.
This four-page PDf explores Utah's wetlands, includes an introduction, assessment of knowledge and values, wetland visits and activities, wetland awareness and knowledge, interpretive preferences by subgroups, Utah vs. out-of-state visitors, and preferences by level of past experience.
This 238 page PDF activity guide includes a pre/post test, background information, and student activities.
Read about Utah's wetlands and riparian zones, and follow links in the left hand navigation pane to information on Utah's wetland plants, animals, resources, and more.
Students can find out about these fresh and salt water marshes.
Here is a list of fiction and nonfiction books about wetlands.
Here is a lesson plan that challenges students to create models of Utah's wetlands.
Read about the different types of wetlands (swamps, marshes, and bogs) and find out why these habitats are in danger of disappearing. Learn more about the plants and animals that make up this ecosystem. Includes many photographs.

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