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Characteristics of Life

What is life? These sites provide information to answer this question as well as the six basic characteristics of life. Learn characteristics of life through pictures, video, and audio clips. After learning the concepts of defining life, students will be able to distinguish between living and non-living things.


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This three-page PDF file summarizes the six characteristics of life.
This video clip shows ideas on what objects are living, not living (dead), and things that were never living. Click on PDF file document to read the transcription.
Read about the seven criteria for living things. Includes discussion questions.
This site contains information about how and why plants are living things. There are pictures and video clips.
Learn about the Linnaean system of classification used in the biological sciences to describe and categorize all living things.
Students can learn the traits, structure and nature of life through four different sections: The Stuff of Life, Life Needs Energy, Making More Life, and Change Over Time. Here are lots of pictures and related links.
This site teaches the characteristics of living things and the energy cycle in living things.
This site discusses "characteristics of living things" with the consensus of the scientific community.
Learn how to distinguish living things from non-living things. The video includes some "fuzzy" examples that will make students question the meaning of life. Note: To watch the video clip, registration is necessary. Registration is free
Use this 17-panel slideshow to review concepts about the basic characteristics of life. Enlarge to full screen to use on the SmartBoard. NOTE: This site includes unmoderated user comments. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to social networking sites.

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