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Classroom Design: School Furniture

These commercial web sites offer computer workstations, tables, SMART boards, audio-video equipment, nontraditional desks, and other school furnishings. Includes furniture design specifications, furniture layouts, 360’QTVR photographs, and movies.


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Find child's tables and computer desks. Includes photographs, prices, and ordering options.
This site offers kids computer stations and unconventional computer accessories. Click on the "Kidz Stuff" on the left to view computer accessories. Includes prices and ordering options.
Find desks, chairs, tables, and boards. Includes furniture dimensions, a variety of materials and colors to choose from, prices based on the quantity of a purchase, and ordering options.
This page includes different types of school furniture. Select a product group to see a list of items, possible colors and finishes, prices, and ordering options.
This site has a wide variety of computer desks, workstations, and related items. Select images to see the product specifications and descriptions. Click again on the image to enlarge it. Includes prices and ordering options. NOTE: The site has a link to a discussion forum.
Find chairs, desks, tables, computer furniture, and classroom accessories. Click on images or select links on the left to read products' specifications.
Find out information about a variety of classroom furniture supplies, including chairs, children's computer desks, and items for teachers. Click on thumbnails to view enlarged images and the descriptions. Includes prices and ordering options.
This site has many products for computer equipped classrooms and labs. Click on the "Training & Classroom Furniture" thumbnail to view computer desks and stations. Includes information about size and dimensions and contact information to order.
This site contains images and descriptions of different types of school computer furniture. Click on images to read about products. Select the "Click Here for Image Gallery" to see examples of how their products can be set up in a classroom. Includes pricing, color, and ordering options.
This site offers ergonomic school furniture and displays how it can be organized. Click on the thumbnails at the left for furniture description. Select links on the left to view more school products. Includes prices and ordering options.
Find furniture for audio and video equipment that can be used in rooms with educational technologies. Includes prices and ordering options.
This site offers a variety of classroom and computer furniture. Click on each item to see all of the available sizes, colors and styles.

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