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Literature: "The House Without a Christmas Tree" by Gail Rock

These sites have website resources about the book “The House Without a Christmas Tree.” Also included are sites about death and grieving, the history of Christmas trees, and Christmas related games. As a related topic, there is a link to the eThemes Resource “Sarah, Plain and Tall” by Patricia Maclachlan.


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This site is devoted to Addie Mills, the main character in "The House Without a Christmas Tree." Scroll down to read about Addie Mills and other characters. Read more about this book and the other three books in the series "The Thanksgiving Treasure," "The Easter Promise," and "Addie and the King of Hearts."
Test your knowledge of vocabulary terms found in "The House Without a Christmas Tree" by playing this ten question hangman game.
Learn about the history of Christmas trees and their decorations over time, throughout different parts of the world.
This site provides an overview of the history of Christmas trees in the format of a timeline from 1510 to the present.
This site has both printable and online games and activities including dominoes, bingo, and concentration. Click on "Online Christmas Games" to play games on other sites.
Click and drag ornaments to decorate this virtual Christmas tree.
Read tips on how parents and teachers can talk with children when a parent dies. There is also a printer-friendly version of this site.
This article, "Somebody in My Friend's Family Died," addresses how children can respond to one another in this situation.
These sites have activities and discussion questions about "Sarah, Plain and Tall" and its sequel, "Skylark." Also includes information about author Patricia Maclachlan, the state of Maine, and life on the prairie. There are links to an eMINTS WebQuest and eThemes Resources on grasslands, book activities, and character traits.

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