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Communication in History

Learn about three forms of communication: telegraphs, telephones, and satellites, plus their inventors. Includes eThemes Resources on the Pony Express and Communication and Transportation.


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Find out how the telephone works. Either click on "Next Page" or go to the table of contents and choose a specific section to see. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read about Morse and his telegraph. Learn about Morse code that was invented as a way to communicate on the telegraph.
Learn more about how Alexander Graham Bell and others designed the telephone on existing telegraph technologies. See pictures and sketches of Bell's inventions.
Read this article and see why some believe that Henry actually invented the telegraph.
Read the history behind Morse and his invention. Includes documents, his family tree, and a timeline of his life.
This site tells about Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone invention.
See actual documents, a timeline, a family tree, and more on Bell and his invention.
On the left click on "Communications" to learn about what satellites do with communication. "Satellite Construction Set" takes a minute to load, but you can piece together a satellite. Follow the directions provided.
This site tells about Sputnik, the first satellite made. Read news articles that tell about it in "articles and photos from the first week" and "the U.S. response."
This information may now be outdated, but there are interesting pictures of satellites and information about their missions and construction.
Everything you wanted to know about satellites. Either click on "Next Page" or scroll down to the table of contents and click on a topic to read it. NOTE: The site includes ads.
These sites tell about the Pony Express. Included are maps of the route and a biography on one of the founders. Read about the history of this 1860-1861 mail delivery system.
Learn how changes in communication and transportation impact people's lives. These sites link to various communication methods such as the printing press, telegraph, telephone, and more. Included is information about different types of transportation such as private, public, water, and army transportation. There are links to eThemes Resources on communication in history as well as eThemes Resources on transportation including automobiles, the transcontinental railroad, steamboats, mass transit, and trains.

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