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Continent: Australia

These sites have information about Australia, including its animals, geography, climate, and history. Includes photographs, maps, quizzes, and games, plus a virtual tour of the Sydney Opera House. Also includes a link to eThemes Resources on kangaroos, koalas, and Australian Aborigines.


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Read about the geography, government, and history of this continent. Includes many basic facts, a map of the continent, and its flag. NOTE: The website includes pop-up and banner ads.
This site offers good factual information for students doing research on this continent. Topics include the wildlife, the states and territories, and the government. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site has information about Australian animals, folk music, arts, and stories. Includes a quiz. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site about Australia contains a picture book, a quiz, a reading list, and information about the Australian map and flag all from a kid's perspective.
This site explains the different temperatures, rain trends, and seasons throughout Australia. There are links to current information.
This PBS site includes videos, maps, and an interactive timeline. Learn more about the history of this continent and the people who live there.
This country profile includes an overview as well as information on Australian leaders. Click on "Media" for information on print and broadcast media. Students can also listen to the national anthem and view a timeline. This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
This Australian government site has information on the founding of the Australian nation. There are many original documents, photographs, and a timeline. Included is a map of Aboriginal Australia. This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
View photographs of events, performances, the history, and building of the famous Sydney Opera house to see its unique architecture.
These sites are about the art and culture of the Australian Aborigines. There are animations, lesson plans, and pictures, as well as information about bark painting, Dreamtime stories, and the didjeridu instrument. Some sites have audio files so students can listen to the didjeridu. There are also two maps of the Aborigine land.
These sites are about kangaroos. Learn about their diet, habitat, behavior, and characteristics. Find out how far and high this marsupial can jump. Includes photographs, coloring pages, and videos. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on Australia.
These sites include many facts about koalas, including their diet, behavior, and habitat. Find out why they should not be called "koala bears." Includes movies, audio files, a Webcam, and online quizzes and games.
These websites are about the animal the wombat. Includes coloring pages, facts, and pictures. Find out why the animal is endangered. Includes a link to an eThemes resource on Australia.

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