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Literature: "Christmas Magic" by Patricia Hermes

These sites include resources for the book “Christmas Magic” by Patricia Hermes. Also included are links to sites about sequencing, cause and effect, and making good choices near the time of Christmas. Fun activities include a visit from a Magic Elf and seeing if your name is on Santa’s naughty or nice list.


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Read a biography of writer Patricia Hermes and view a list of the books she has written.
Read a brief description about the book "Christmas Magic." Click on "read more" to read a biography of the author. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This lesson plan uses Christmas and snow themed poetry to teach about cause and effect.
This is a paid SMART board lesson, which addresses cause and effect with a Christmas theme. You can see sample images of this item, as well as download a free preview offering.
This is a two-page PDF, which allows students to fill in the blank with cause and effect relationships. Questions are on the first page and suggested answers are on the second.
Use this one-page, printable graphic organizer to help understand cause and effect relationships.
Follow the directions to figure out the sequence of this Christmas activity.
Use this one-page PDF file to outline the sequence of events in the Christmas book "The Polar Express."
This site explains the histories behind many Christmas traditions, including the belief that Santa Claus will place coal in the stockings of boys and girls who have not been good. NOTE: This site includes ads and has links to social networking sites.
This site has printable pages from Santa saying that one of his Magic Elves will be visiting good girls and boys before Christmas. Also printable is a Magic Elf report to describe his findings. NOTE: This site includes ads and guest book comments.
Enter your name to see if you have made Santa's naughty or nice list. NOTE: This site includes ads and links to social networking sites.

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