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Math: Square Root

These sites are about the basic concepts of square roots. Learn how to calculate square roots by hand and to perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Visual square root modeling, online exercises, and interactive games are included.


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Dr. Math explains the concept of square roots. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Practice finding the square root of a number.
This interactive practice allows students to practice determining square roots.
Find out what square roots are and how to find the square root of numbers that are not perfect squares without a calculator. Practice exercises are included. NOTE: This site includes banner and pop-up ads.
Read another explanation about the concept of square roots. Examples, tips, and tricks are included.
This site helps you explore the meaning of square roots by using a visual area model. Drag the tab to shrink or enlarge the model. Assessment questions are included.
This site provides a quick reference table for squares and square roots. NOTE: This site includes pop-up ads.
Learn how to calculate the square root of any number without using calculator. Step-by-step directions are provided. NOTE: This site has a Talk link that leads to a discussion board.
Find the answer to the square root problems using these flashcards. NOTE: This site includes banner ads.
This site provides fun ways to practice finding square roots. For flashcards, click "remove card" to go to next card.
Practice calculating square roots in the form of a tic tac toe game. Level of difficulty can be selected.

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