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Iran: Nuclear Program

These web sites are about the history and current status of Iran’s nuclear program. Maps of the region are available on several sites. Included are various editorials, fact sheets, primary documents, and quizzes.


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Students can click on this map for a larger view of the Middle East.
Students can study many aspects of Iran. This site also has a map.
This site has several articles on recent events, the modern history of Iran, and Iran's leadership. "Key Maps" are also included.
The United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency works to verify that Iran is using its nuclear resources for peaceful purposes. This site is rich in material including a lesson plan on the "Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty."
This editorial discusses the 18-page letter that the Iranian president sent to President Bush. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This article from 2005 uses information from various newspapers. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This article from 2005 discusses pacts between Iran and Europe and the Chinese relationship with Iran. NOTE: The site includes ads.
The US Department of State publishes this material that contains the original text for the treaty.
The Federation of American Scientists sponsors this material. Students can explore the chronology that led up to the treaty and some primary documents.
"Past Arguments Don't Square with Current Iran Policy" is the title of this article on former dealings with Iran. NOTE: The site includes ads.
"Iran Reported to Security Council" is the title of this news on Iran's nuclear program. There are also links to many more stories on the "Iran Nuclear Crisis." NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to message boards.
Students can read this six-page PDF file about Iran's nuclear sites and the new activity at Esfahan and Natanz.
Read this article in which Hans Blix talks about why Iran will not stop its uranium-enrichment program. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site includes editorials and the latest news on Iran's nuclear program.

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