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Country: Indonesia

These Websites are about the country of Indonesia. Students can learn about this country’s diverse geography, ecology, history, and culture. There are printouts, videos, and photographs. Includes an eThemes resource on rainforests and another on Islam.


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This article has facts about Indonesia including information about its people, leaders, and media. There is also a link to a timeline of Indonesian history and an audio file of the national anthem
This site has lots of facts about Indonesia, it's geography, people, government, and economy. Includes a map and a picture of the Indonesian flag.
This site is about the tsunami that struck Indonesia in 2004. There are several interactive features that explain the physical science behind the tsunami.
This site is about the Borobudur monument on the island of Java in Indonesia. Read about its history, cultural significance, and excavation. Includes many photographs.
Click on the links for in-depth information about Indonesia's history, culture, economy, government, a picture of the flag, and more. Includes a map. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site has information about Indonesia's flag and links to a flag quiz and printout, and two map printouts that you can label and color. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Indonesia is a country made up of over 17,000 islands and distinct regions. Click on the map to learn about parts of the country that want autonomy from the capital in Jakarta.
Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world. View video clips from this documentary film about Islam in Indonesia today.
This site is about the unique ecology of Indonesia. Students can read about some of the unusual animals that are found here and view an animation about how volcanic islands are formed. Includes classroom resources and lesson plans.
Here are detailed and basic maps of Indonesia that you can print.
Students can learn about and compare the cultures and customs of Nepal, Japan, and the Mentawai tribe of Indonesia with this lesson plan.
This is a narrated slide show about Indonesia's geography, religions, political and environmental issues. NOTE: This content is for older students. Teachers should preview this slideshow before use in the classroom.
This Website is about the ecosystems of Borneo and Sumatra, two islands in the Indonesian archipelago.
Learn about Indonesia's geography, history, and distinct regions on this site. NOTE: This site contains ads.
These sites have information about Malaysia's government, people, and history. View maps and photographs of life in this Asian country. There are images of the country's currency and a clock showing the current time. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on rainforests.
These websites are about the Islam. There is historical information about the prophet Muhammad and his life, the founding and spread of Islam, timelines, maps, and videos. Learn about Muslim communities throughout the world today. Included are five related eThemes on countries that are predominantly Muslim.

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