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Library Skills: Information Searching Strategies

These sites provide information on creating effective search strategies for locating and using library resources. Focus on locating information (articles, books and web sites), selecting the best information resources, and citing them properly. Examples and online quizzes are included. There is a link to eThemes resource on Writing: Research Papers.


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This site provides information about the Dewey Decimal System that is used to classify books in libraries. Quizzes are included. NOTE: There are some broken links on examples of book topics.
This self-tutorial helps to understand different types of call number systems used in US libraries, namely Dewey Decimal Classification System and Library of Congress Classification System. Comparisons among the systems are included.
These self-learning units help students find appropriate research topics/questions and understand information searching, finding, and evaluating. Review quizzes are included for each unit.
Learn how to do research from searching information to writing the paper. Choosing search terms, selecting good information sources, and writing and citing resources are included.
Learn how to select search terms, information sources, and how to verify information found from the web sites. Online tests are included.
This site provides information on four recommended search techniques using the NETS acronym.
Learn how to verify information found from web sites. An online test is included.
This site provides detailed evaluation techniques for evaluating the reliability of information sources from the Internet.
This site provides a quick summary of searching the web.
These sites focus on the steps involved in writing a research paper. Learn how to brainstorm a topic, organize information, use transition words, and write bibliographies. There are tips and handouts on how to evaluate online sources, plus links to child-safe search engines. Includes links to eThemes Resources on online resources and graphic organizers.

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