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Animal Rights

These sites are about animal rights and different ways to protect animals. Read information about animal abuse, animal protection, animal shelters, animal hunting, animal adoption, animal care, animal laws, and more. Includes statistics, video clips, news articles, and lesson plans. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Wildlife Conservation and Endangered Species.


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This site is designed specifically for kids. Use the top menu to find information on how you can help save animals.
Here is a video archive related to animal rights.
This site has statistics and information on issues related to pets, wildlife, farm animals, animals in research, and horses. Includes information about issues affecting animal lives, adoption, animal shelters, animal abuse, animal protection programs, videos, and more. Use the top menu to navigate the site. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Find out what this organization does and how you can help. There is also information on adoption, pet care, advice from experts, and more. NOTE: This site includes ads and a discussion forum.
Follow the link headings to learn a proper way to take care of pets and wildlife. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Click "Cat Library" and "Dog library" to learn more about their behaviors, caring tips, and more. Files are in pdf format.
Here are classroom activities for animal protection theme. The lesson plans are available in pdf format. NOTE: This site has a link to a discussion forum and links to external sites.
This site provides information on U.S. animal law. Includes statutes, cases, articles, and more. The information can be searched by state, subject, and species. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Find out how different groups of people took their stands on the issue. NOTE: This site includes ads.
These sites focus on wildlife conservation. Learn how to help conserve rare, threatened, and endangered species and their habitats as well as promote conservation awareness in a community. Also understand the effect of animal's extinction on nature and human. Includes a lesson plan and activities. There is also a link to eThemes Resource on Animals: Endangered Species.
These sites have descriptions of endangered species and include explanations for why certain animals are in peril. There are graphic organizers and Venn diagrams. Includes links to many eThemes Resources on habitats and specific endangered animals, such as lemurs, cheetahs, chimpanzees, tigers, and more.

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