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Crafts: Scrapbooking

These sites have ideas in instructions for creating scrapbooks. There are lesson plans that incorporate scrapbooking and ideas for specific craft projects. Included is an eThemes resource on other hands-on craft activities.


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Here are project instructions for a variety of scrapbooking and papercraft techniques. Teachers can look here for classroom activity inspiration. NOTE: This site contains ads. NOTE: This site has a message board.
This page offers tips for getting started with scrapbooking and similar projects for younger and older children. Click on "Instructions and Supply List" to read directions. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Here are tips and advice for doing scrapbooking projects with young children.
This site explains how to use popular scrapbooking techniques and tools such as circle cutters, punches, stamps, and decorative scissors. NOTE: This site links to a commercial site with ads and scrapbooking products for sale.
This page lists the basic supplies necessary for scrapbooking.
Before you begin cutting paper, it helps to think about the design of your page. This site explains the elements of design, such as line, shape, texture and color; and also the principles of design, such as harmony and balance. Includes illustrations.
This site has a selection of copyright free images on various subjects that can be used for scrapbook or art projects.
Here is a five-page PDF file with prompts to inspire autobiographical scrapbook journaling.
Here are instructions for creating a scrapbook that records where members of your family have lived and what their lives were like. This activity can be incorporated into a lesson on geneology, geography, or history.
Students can create a scrapbook for a literary character with this activity. While this lesson plan uses "Hamlet," the activity can be adapted for use with other literary works. A worksheet is included.
Students can collect and display stories and images from the last 1000 years of history with this project. This activity can be adapted for other themes.
These sites have numerous craft ideas for elementary children. Various supplies from paper and glue to more expensive items are required. The projects include jewelry, papier mache, paper making, recycled materials, and some recipes.

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