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Special Education: Teaching Resources

These sites provide special education teaching resources, lesson plans, information for parents, and classroom activities. Topics include learning disabilities, autism, and subject matter areas. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Teaching Tips: Learning Disabilities.


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A special education teacher and sign language facilitator explain various methods of incorporating iPods for their students and their parents.
Educators will discover numerous sites to assist them with lesson plans. Free or inexpensive sources are designed to help special needs students learn.
Search this site for lesson plans and activities using XBOX KINECT. Common Core connections are tied into lesson plans.
Use this site for lesson plans and activities for PreK-high school special needs students. Some of the apps require a fee.
This site provides numerous links for special education teachers. Sites for lesson plans, articles and videos about differentiating instruction, and apps for autistic students are some of the topics covered. NOTE: This site is a blog.
This site provides a myriad of detailed lesson plans for teachers working with special needs students. Lesson plans are given for grades kindergarten through high school. NOTE: This site contains advertising.
This website has variety of downloadable resources and information for parents and teachers of students with learning disabilities and/or autism. The resources includes art, math, and writing activities, songs and games, pictures cards, organization, and more.
This website provides ideas for classroom activities related to reading, art, writing, and life success for kids with learning difficulties. NOTE: This site has a link to blogs and message boards.
This site provides a series of photography lessons particularly for special education.
This site provides a number of activities that are specifically geared toward teaching basic skills to special students. The topics include lessons in reading, math, geography, current events, and study skills for students from kindergarten through high school.
This page has several ideas for learning activities for K-5 grades.
Find out about learning disabilities among school children including dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Learn their symptoms and discover how kids with these types of disorders can succeed in school. Includes a self-evaluation test, lesson plans, tips and suggestions for teachers and parents, success stories, and online kids' artwork gallery.

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