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Down Syndrome

These sites are about Down Syndrome. Information is provided about the cause of this syndrome. Links to national organizations provide human interest stories, parent support, and research. An activity about prenatal genetic testing is given.


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The CDC presents factual information regarding Down Syndrome. A question and answer format provides facts. Links to organizations are given as well as journal articles for further information.
From the National Institute of Health comes this informational site about Down Syndrome. Numerous links provide additional information such as tutorials, journal articles and support groups. Several links can be read in Spanish.
This organization started in 1961 by parents who decided to raise their child with Down Syndrome at home. This site features factual information, human interest stories of people with Down Syndrome, and support groups.
This is the oldest national organization for people with Down Syndrome, their families, and professionals who work with them. This site provides facts, information for new parents, and support.
This site provides information and facts about Down Syndrome. Factual information is given about Down Syndrome to dispel myths. Correct usage of terms related to Down Syndrome is given.
This activity discusses prenatal genetic testing and involves students in researching a genetic disorder to create a brochure.
Use this article told by a high school student about being born with Down Syndrome. The supplemental content and activity link, "I Wish They'd Ask", will promote student discussion.
This site has easy to read information on Down Syndrome.
This is a comprehensive site with information about Down Syndrome.

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