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These sites have interactive resources on emotions and feelings. Learn about different emotions and how facial expression as well as gestures convey different emotions. Includes games, lesson plans, video clips, and printouts. There is also a link to eThemes Resource on Physiological Impact of Positive Emotions.


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This video explores ways to teach children to identify emotions and as a by-product how to better express their own feelings. (Total Running Time: 3:03) NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
Explore the different feelings children experience throughout the day. (Total Running Time: 3:00) NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
This 13-page PDF uses the book "When I Am" by Gladys Rosa-Mendoz to promote social emotional development. This resource provides a list of activities you can use in conjunction with the book to explore feelings and emotions.
This four-page PDF includes images for: frustrated, embarrassed, sad, mad, nervous, happy, proud, scared, loved and lonely. Also included is a feeling wheel and a relaxation thermometer.
This 13-page PDF includes full-page images for: embarrassed, frustrated, happy, lonely, loved, mad, sad, nervous, proud, relaxed, scared, stressed, and surprised.
This one-page PDF includes feeling flowers for: embarrassed, frustrated, happy, lonely, loved, mad, proud, relaxed, sad and scared.
This interactive game allows students to manipulate different facial parts to learn about facial expression. NOTE: Java Applet is required.
Click on a picture that represents the feeling in the question.
Listen to a story of Tamba and then drag the picture that shows Tamba's feeling. NOTE: The "Talk" link leads to a discussion forum.
Students learn to express different emotions through songs.
This page has suggested classroom activities for teaching about emotions to students. NOTE: This site includes ads.
These are clip art that can be used to create flashcards of different emotions. NOTE: This site has banner-ads.
This six-page PDF file is a booklet about emotions for young readers.
Use a given clue to guess the cause of emotion. NOTE: Flash plug-in is required.
This song explains what emotions are and explores some of the most common emotions: happy, sad, excited, and mad. (Total Running Time: 1:32) NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
Find out how positive and negative emotions affect the human brain. Learn how people can use positive emotions to improve memory, relax, finding a right answer in difficult situation, and much more. Discover how the brain works and learn how biofeedback stress-management tools can help kids and adults improve their everyday performance. Includes a description of biofeedback games, images, and schematic drawings of human brain.

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