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Students can learn about many famous inventors such as Henry Ford, Jerome Lemelson, Nikola Tesla, and more. Photographs and audio files are found on many of the sites. There are also movies and a trivia quiz. Included are eThemes resources on Louis Braille, the Wright Brothers, and famous African American inventors.


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This is a list of the inventors in the Inventors Hall of Fame. The list is alphabetical. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can browse by inventor or use the category of the invention.
Read about the successes and failures of this man who invented condensed milk. NOTE: The site includes links that lead to links with ads.
Learn how John Deere revolutionized American agriculture with his tractors. Click on "Inventor of the Week" for another profile, or "Inventor Archive" to search for other people.
Read this lesson for grades 3-8. This lesson plan is about Benjamin Franklin the inventor.
Watch a brief video about this notable American inventor.
Students can read this biography and then scroll down to the link "Jerome Lemelson: An American Inventor" for a virtual book about Lemelson.
Students can read an encyclopedia entry on this American inventor of the Polaroid camera. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Read about many aspects of Edwin Land. Click on "Polaroid," "Why Boston," "Instant Photography," and much more. This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers.
This site has many photographs of Niagara Falls and the Columbian Exposition of 1893. Tesla and Westinghouse built the first major hydro-electric power plant in the world at Niagara Falls.
This is the home page for this site. Choose such topics as "Life and Legacy," "Inside the Lab," "Tesla for Teachers," "Discussions," or "Resources."
This African American inventor worked on both the telephone and the electric light bulb.
Students can learn about Henry Ford. Explore "Chronology" and "Quick Facts." A "Print Version" is also available.
Students can test their knowledge of inventors with this quiz. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Find out about the famous inventor of the Braille alphabet, which blind people use to read. Includes biographies, plus information about Braille and Braille technology. There are links to eThemes on disability awareness and guide dogs.
These sites are about the Wright Brothers and their early airplanes. Includes biographies on Wilbur and Orville that tell about their family and careers. Discover what inspired them to build planes. Contains historical photographs, movies, diaries, interviews, and simulations. There are links to eThemes Resources on Transportation: Aircraft, Aviation: Military Aircraft, and Aviation: Activities for Junior and High School Students.
These sites are about African American inventors and scientists, their lives and achievements, and impacts on American technology advancement and industries. Also includes biographies, activity ideas, games, lesson plans, audio clips, and timeline. There are links to eThemes Resources on George Washington Carver, Famous Americans: African Connections, and Inventions.

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