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Missouri Regions: Lee's Summit

These sites are about the city of Lee’s Summit named for Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. There is the history of Lee’s Summit as well as information about its business history and current economy. Includes related information about Lee’s Summit, Longview, and Campbell Middle school.


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Read a brief history of Lee's Summit from the late 1800's until the present. Includes pictures of the history of Lee's Summit, Missouri
This page contents information about the history of Lee's Summit from its founding until now.
This site has general information about the city of Lee's Summit as well as information on historical attractions, recreation, and more. There are also contact information for several of these attractions.
This website provides the biography of Robert E. Lee as well as the history about Civil War.
This is the official homepage of Bernard C. Campbell Middle School with general information about the school.
Learn the reasons why the Civil War began. Read about several battles and military leaders. Includes timelines of major events and maps of the battle areas. View photographs of the war and the men and women involved. Browse the other eThemes on the Civil War.

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