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Spanish Language

These sites contain information about the Spanish language. Included are interactive exercises for students to practice their speaking, reading, and listening skills in Spanish. Students can also expand their vocabulary through many online activities. Includes eThemes resources on Mexico and Spain.


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This site contains a large number of Spanish language learning materials suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners. Students can learn Spanish language and culture through online courses.
This site contains a series of language exercises for facilitating the learning and teaching of Spanish in the Internet environment.
Students can learn vocabulary and grammar through many activities on this site. NOTE: This site contains banner ads.
A short course to start your Spanish for school, holidays, work or just for fun. NOTE: Realplayer is required.
Learn Spanish vocabulary about body parts, clothing, fruits, transportation, vegetables and so on through pictures.
Here are a great variety of interactive exercises about Spanish language.
This site contains many Spanish grammar exercises.
Build vocabulary of sports by using these flashcards.
Build vocabulary of body parts by using this 3-page PDF flashcard file.
Build vocabulary of colors by using these flashcards.
Activities useful for the study of geography.
Here is a vocabulary review exercise. Students can review vocabulary about the family, clothing, numbers and classroom objects.
Here are lots of exercise for you to practice speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish.
Based on your goal of studying Spanish, you can choose different exercises for reach your goals.
Learn about the geography, culture, art, cuisine, celebrations, and symbols of Mexico. There are links to eThemes resources on Mexican traditions and holidays, Western Civilizations, Latin America culture, and Cinco de Mayo celebration. Includes images of people, currency, cities, maps, quizzes, and a lesson plan. Listen to the pronunciation of Spanish words.
Learn more about the country of Spain and its culture, food, holidays, sports, and history. Other topics include bullfighting, flamenco dancing, football (soccer), Miguel Indurain, and Holy Week. Includes classroom activities for studying Spain and its culture. An eThemes resource on the Spanish language is linked.

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