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Teaching Tips: Character Education

Many school districts have character education programs. These sites explain what character education is. There are also lesson plans and interactive activities. Included are eThemes resources on conflict resolution, why rules are made, and the difference between a hero and a celebrity.


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Provides definitions and explains the difference between a comprehensive and "modular" character education program.
This site has free resources and lesson plans. Some of the questions are designed to be used with a purchased video. Read the article "How to Do Character Education: An Overview."
Click on "The Eleven Principles" to study this list. This site also has lesson plans. Each lesson plan addresses at least one of the eleven principles. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Explore such topics as "Character Classics," "Mission," "Values in Action," or "Free Newsletter." NOTE: This site has books and CDs for sale.
Click on "A 12-Point Comprehensive Approach" for information on this character education program. Some of the "Assessment Instruments" are free. NOTE: This site has books for sale.
Michael Josephson's company sponsors this site. This site promotes the "Six Pillars of Character." Teachers can subscribe to the free newsletter which contains lesson plans. View a "Slideshow of CC" which contains several statistics. NOTE: This site has items for sale.
Teachers can preview free samples of the curriculum. This site stresses "eleven of the most common character traits." NOTE: This site has items for sale.
Teachers can download the PDF version of "Character." Lesson plans are available under "Curriculum Resource."
Click on "For Kids Only" for an audio book and "A Guided Tour of Giraffe Country." NOTE: This site has items for sale.
This site provides a basic understanding about character education and how it expands beyond the curriculum.
This teacher describes the classroom management system she uses to encourage students to follow the rules. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This interactive site has "Games & Fun," "Contests," "Watch This," and much more. Kids can also vote on different bullying issues.
Students can explore this interactive site from the University of Illinois. There is also a "Teachers' Guide."
Discover who we call a hero. Find out what behavior is heroic and what everyday heroism is. Learn the difference between hero and celebrity. Includes hero and celebrity definitions, children's stories, examples of heroes, celebrity biographies, worksheets, and lesson plans.
These sites contain activities and discussion ideas to help students learn about conflict and practice the skills involved in identifying and resolving conflicts peacefully. There are stories that illustrate conflict situations, videos, and role-playing opportunities so that students can see and practice the techniques described.
These sites provide examples of rules and regulations as well as lesson plans on why rules are made and why rules are changed.
These sites deal with character development in children. Read about character education in stories and do some class activities to teach children about making good choices. There is a printable pledge for students to sign.

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