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Teaching Tips: One Computer Classrooms

These sites have suggested classroom management strategies, rotation ideas, project ideas, and classroom activities specifically for one computer classrooms. Includes room layout, Q&A, PowerPoint presentation, and video clip of educator discussion panel.


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This article explores one-computer classrooms, including issues to be addressed, and suggestions.
Learn ten helpful ways to manage in a one-computer classroom. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Includes suggestions for using the computer as a presentation tool, a tool for a class project, a resource center, a tool for a group project and a tool for the teacher.
Get some advice on teaching in the one computer classroom. Includes information about planning, classroom management, tips and ideas, links and books.
This article chronicles tips for success in a cone computer classroom, including management strategies that work, additional strategies, planning and organization, and activities. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This four-page PDF offers suggestions related to teaching strategies, computer placement and portability, display issues, minimum software, and additional resources for teachers working in one computer classrooms.
Read some suggested strategies for use in one computer classroom for different activities. NOTE: A link to CNN is broken.
This tip sheet includes strategies for managing students on one computer or a limited number of computers, and strategies for managing students using a computer and a projection system.
This page provides step-by-step activities designed for one computer classroom.
Here is a list of activities for the one computer classroom.
Here is a suggested idea for integrating a computer with writing process.
This page provides three suggested team activities for one computer classroom management.
This site explores the possibilities that a one computer classroom can provide, activities across the curriculum, issues that arise, and additional links and resources. NOTE: These links to outside websites, many of which are broken links.
This is a panel discussion of educators who shared experiences and perspectives for integrating a technology lesson in the one computer classroom. Includes a PowerPoint presentation and video clip of the panel discussion.
Here is one-page PDF file with a suggested layout for one to several computer rooms.

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