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U.S. President: Barack Obama

These sites are about the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. There is biographical information, speeches, videos, and photos. Learn about the historic election and issues facing the administration.


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Learn about the 44th president from the official White House website. Explore the site to learn more about the presidency and U.S. government.
See photos and videos from election night, 2008. You can watch Obama's complete victory speech in Chicago. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here are articles and essays about President Obama, his family, and his administration.
Read about Obama's historic victory in the 2008 election. Explore the links on the right for more articles about the election. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Here is a gallery of photos from around the world showing reactions to Obama's win. NOTE: This site contains pop-up, banner, and other ads.
Here is an in-depth biography of Barack Obama including videos and a photo gallery. NOTE: This site contains banner and video ads.
Watch videos about President Obama's life story, political biography, and the first four years of his presidency including information on the war in Afghanistan, the Affordable Care Act, thew capture of Osama bin Laden, immigration reform, the financial crisis, and the 2012 election.
This official White House site shows the benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act according to the Obama administration.
Listen to a podcast from February 2013 about President Obama's push for gun control measures. NOTE: This site includes ads and sponsored links.

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