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Art: American Artists

These resources are about the history of American art and artists. Learn about ways that artists have interpreted events in U.S. history from colonial times to the present. See how artists have depicted such topics as the American Revolution, Westward expansion, industrialization, Native Americans, and more. There are virtual museum tours, lesson plan activities, artists’ biographies, interactive sites, and many images. Included are two related eThemes resources about artists.


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This site includes a variety of links to interactive games and activities from the National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian, and other art museums around the United States.
Here are three lesson plans that relate American art with American history. Each lesson includes images, maps, readings for historical context, and activities.
Here is an image and description with commentary of this famous regionalist painting.
This page is about the New York Realists, an important movement in early twentieth century American art. Includes images. NOTE: This site contains sponsored links.
What can happen when an artist attempts to document a culture that is not his own? In the nineteenth century, Seth Eastman, a U.S. Army officer, began recording the daily life of Native Americans. This companion site to the documentary film has background information, example images, and video interview clips with Dakota elders.
Here is a timeline showing major events in early American history along with examples of art from the same period. Click on an image to learn more about the artist and work depicted.
On this site you can explore several interactive exhibits of American art. See the western paintings of Thomas Moran and Frederic Remington. Learn about Gilbert Stuart and see the portraits he painted of the first five U. S. presidents. There is a streaming slideshow of Winslow Homer's painting "Right and Left" and much more.
This page has information about decorative arts in British colonial North America, including portraits, miniatures, furniture, and silver. Click on a thumbnail image for more details about a work of art, or follow the links in the text for more in-depth information about a topic.
Here are examples of artwork depicting scenes from the American Revolution. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image and learn more about the history of these paintings.
Read about this style of art that emerged in America after the Civil War. See how it was related to the French Impressionist movement. Click on a thumbnail image for more details about a particular painting.
Explore this interactive exhibit of American portrait drawings from the twentieth century. Includes a teachers' guide suitable for older students.
Listen to this Veteran's Day radio broadcast about artwork by soldiers who served in Vietnam. Some of the art was made while in Southeast Asia, and other work was created afterwards as a way of coping with the experience of war.
These sites feature the artwork of two famous Missouri painters. Many of the works are online and are accompanied with explanations about how the paintings relate to Missouri history. Includes biographies and photos of their former Missouri homes, plus photos of Benton's mural in the State Capitol. There is also information about the American Regionalism painting genre.
View the works of famous artists, including Salvador Dali, Grandma Moses, Georgia O'Keefe, Mary Cassatt, MC Escher, Andy Warhol, Augustus Rodin, Picasso, Grant Wood, and more. Includes biographies and classroom activities about art. There are links to an eMINTS WebQuest and eThemes Resources on art museums, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, George Caleb Bingham, Thomas Hart Benton, and color theory.

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