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Famous People: Charlie Chaplin

These sites are about Charlie Chaplin. He played an important role in the American film industry. He is considered to be a “true genius of motion pictures.” He co-founded United Artists in 1919. Also includes information on the History of Film and Silent Film stars of the period. Additional eThemes resource on the decade from 1910-1919 is included.


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Learn all about the famed Charlie Chaplin, including: biography, facts, filmography, books, dvds, circus, the kid, limelight, chaplain revue, posters and videos. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Students can read this encyclopedia entry on Chaplin. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can watch a brief video, "Betcha Didn't Know," and read a biography about Chaplin. NOTE: This site has ads and a link to a discussion board.
Students can read this Chaplin biography which is part of the "American Masters" series. Click on "Six Degrees Game" to see how some of the "American Masters" are connected.
Read Charlie Chaplin's biography, listen to music from silent movies, view still photos, view movie trailers for Chaplin films, and play a puzzle game. NOTE: This site includes links to other websites. NOTE: This site includes a blog with unmoderated user comments.
Students can explore "Chaplin Project," "How to use the Catalogue," and more. This site can be viewed in English or Italian.
This fan site has many photographs which can be viewed by clicking on "Charlie in California."
This site has many photographic galleries of Chaplin photographs.
Learn more about silent movie stars, their lives, their films. Includes: male silent stars, female silent stars, the silent film clowns, silent film child stars, silent film links, golden silents message board, and silent cinema. NOTE: This site includes a link to a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
Explore this comprehensive survey of the history of cinema (motion pictures, film, etc.). NOTE: This site includes ads.
Read about life in America during the 1910s. View the fashions of this time. Read about the Tango and silent movies that were popular. Learn about WWI and see photographs and diaries from soldiers. Topics include inventions during the 1901s such as air conditioners and radio receivers. There is also information about women suffrage and the 1918 Influenza outbreak.

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