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Missouri Regions: Kansas City

Learn all about Kansas City and its surrounding communities. Includes area history, geography, places, events, and people. Watch Missouri Heritage videos about Fort Osage, Kansas City, and Harry S. Truman.


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Click on the zoo map to visit the different animals in the park.
This is the official site of the Kansas City Royals baseball team.
This is the official site for the Kansas City Chiefs football team.
Learn more about this history of the Country Club Plaza. The links on the top are about shopping, dining, entertainment, etc.
View pictures and read descriptions of different Kansas City locations.
Read the city newspaper online to find out the latest news.
Enter this site to find out the history of the city, including its roots in jazz.
View pictures and read brief descriptions of Kansas City sights.
Learn more about two Kansas City amusement parks - Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun.
This interactive PBS site can introduce students to Jazz concepts through games and activities.
This video "Gateway West" is from the Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage series. This video discusses Fort Osage and the role it played in Lewis and Clark's journey. This video runs on RealPlayer.
This Missouri Heritage video covers the growth of St. Louis and Kansas City. Includes information about the history of the cities. Click on "Growth of the Cities." Requires RealPlayer.
This Missouri Heritage video covers the life of Harry S. Truman and his life in Independence, MO. Click on "The View from Independence." Requires RealPlayer.
Explore these links from the Kansas City Public Library to see images, maps, postcards, and to read biographies of famous Kansas Citians.
These sites have information about the different regions in Missouri. Learn more about the history, economy, population statistics, natural resources, state parks, and historical sites in each region. Many links include maps of the regions. Soon to come are links to eThemes Resources focusing on each of the 10 regions in Missouri.

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