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Animals: Cats

These websites are about cats. Find out how long people have been keeping cats as pets, how pet cats are different from wild cats, how to take care of a cat, and learn about the different kinds of cats. There are printable handouts, video clips, animations, and more.


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This page has facts about cats, including their behavior, lifespan, and history as pets.
This page has short articles about pet cats, including stories of cat bravery, information on exotic breeds, and a short video clip from the program.
Here is a collection of printable cat illustrations that you can color.
Click on the name of a cat breed from the menu to see a picture and read a description and history of the breed. NOTE: This site contains ads and a pop-up.
Select topics from the drop-down menus to learn all about cats. Printer friendly versions of most aricles are available. NOTE: This site contains ads and a pop-up.
Click on the links to see breed profiles, standards, and articles about the different recognized cat breeds.
Are you ready for a cat? This site is all about pet cats, their care, behavior, and characteristics. There is a special section on feral cats.
Do you want to adopt a cat? Read this site to find out what a pet cat needs. NOTE: This site has a bulletin board.
This is an article about an archeological discovery, which indicates that people have kept cats as pets for much longer than previously thought. NTOE: Reading level is for older students or teachers.
Watch a video with Tim and Moby about cats, then take a pop quiz. NOTE: This site is available by subscription only.

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