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Animals: Puffins

These sites are about puffin habitat and puffin characteristics. There are many photographs, maps, and some audio files. During the summer months students can view a live web cam of puffins. Included are eThemes resources on Iceland and birds.


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Students can read this encyclopedia article on puffins. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Rockland, Maine, hosts the Project Puffin Visitor Center. This three page article also has photographs of puffins, click on "More Photos."
This is the home page for Project Puffin. Some of the pages are "sound enhanced." The puffins have migrated for the winter, but watch for the "Best of the Puffin Cam 2006."
Here is a collection of photographs from the 2004 puffin cam.
Here are the answers to some common questions about puffins.
Students can take the virtual tour of Eastern Egg Rock Island. There are videos and some pages are audio enhanced. Listen to puffins and other sea birds. NOTE: Disable the pop-up blocker.
Students can print out many different "Arctic Animal Printouts." Scroll down for the puffin.
This site has a short description of the puffin and describes the habitat and diet.
Here is a sample worksheet about puffins.
This site has a wealth of information on the Arctic. Students can click on "Maps" for Arctic maps. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can learn about this puffin that lives in the North Pacific.
This site has photographs of puffins in their wild habitat taken off the coast of eastern Canada.
Maine's secretary of state provides this information on puffins.
This site has background information on puffins and photographs. This text may be too advanced for younger students, but there is good background information for teachers. NOTE: The site includes ads.
This site gives background information on the tufted puffin. Click on "Conservation Status" for a map of their range.
This puffin study guide is appropriate for high school students. The study guide is a three-page PDF file designed for use with a documentary film, but could be adapted for use with the Internet.
Students can study this map of the Arctic Region. This one-page PDF can be printed.
Learn about Iceland, a small European country the size of Ohio. Topics include its geography, people, history, and climate. Listen to the national anthem, watch several movies, or view photographs of the country's landscape. Includes information about animals inhabiting the island, including arctic foxes, Icelandic sheepdogs, and puffins.
These sites include information about several different types of birds, including a gallery of the official state birds. Learn about their physical characteristics and habitats and listen to their calls. View photographs, short videos, and live Webcams.

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