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Continent: Africa

Learn about the geography and culture of Africa and African countries. Includes information on popular national parks and wildlife reserves. eThemes Resources on grassland habitats and East African culture are linked.


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A large reference map with of the African continent with relief and political features.
This map from 1986 displays the diversity of natural areas found across the African continent.
Maps of Africa, regions, and countries from the collection of University of Texas - Austin.
Click anywhere to learn more about the ecological region. A few seconds after you click, a small pop-up window will appear with an image and information about the region.
Images of animals, people, places, and landscapes. Click on "Map" and a country to get facts and tour and safari information for that country.
An in-depth site about Maasai culture published by a Maasai person.
Habitat, physical characteristics, social organization and communication of chimpanzees.
Use this site to get up-to-date weather information about Africa. Click on a country to see specific information for cities and areas within that country.
This site lists the languages spoken, religions, and populations in countries around the world. It also lists the world population that speaks each language. Click on an African nation to view the facts.
Features some African countries from each region. Focuses on geography and climate, with some information about the people.
Learn about the history and wildlife of Tanzania's famous Serengeti.
"This program displays the hidden world of rare and exotic animals beneath the grassland plains of the Kalahari." Learn about the nocturnal animals of the Kalahari in South Africa.
These sites have information about the different types of grassland habitats found throughout the world. Includes savannas, prairies, and steppes. Learn more about the climate and wildlife that are found in these ecosystems. There is also information about grasslands in Missouri. An eThemes Resource on habitats is included.
Describes some of the major tribal cultures, rural, and city life of East African nations. Examples of major languages such as tribal languages and Swahili.
These sites are about the history and culture of early Africa. Learn about the different tribes and their lifestyles. Includes timelines, maps, activities, and photographs, as well as eThemes Resources on Adinkra Cloths of Africa and East African Culture and Language.
These sites are about African countries and some of their social issues. Learn about the Darfur conflict, malnutrition, and overpopulation. Included are several eThemes on Africa and African countries.
These sites show and tell about the history of adinkra cloths, an art form from the Asante people of Ghana and the Gyaman people of Cote' d'lvoire. Includes sites about the Ashanti tribe that also wears this type of clothing.

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