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Revolutionary War: Spies

Find out about the men and women who were spies during the Revolutionary War. There are links about women spies, Nathan Hale, and James Armistead Lafayette. Some of the websites include letters that the spies wrote and talk about how spies sent messages without getting caught. Includes a link to an eTheme resource on Revolutionary War Biographies.


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This collection includes a gallery of letters, stories of spies and letters, secret methods and techniques, people of the revolution, routes of the letters, timeline, the Sir Henry Clinton Collection, and teacher resources.
Learn more about the most infamous Revolutionary war spies, most famous spy stories, secret methods and techniques, and Revolutionary War resources.
This Revolutionary War spies project corresponds with "The Scarlet Stocking Spy" by Trinka Hakes Noble and requires students to research a spy from a list provided.
Find out some of the techniques spies used to communicate, such as invisible ink.
This CIA website is about spies during the Revolutionary War. There are links to some pictures of spies.
Find out how this famous spy for America was caught.
Read a short biography of this slave who was also a spy for America during the Revolutionary War.
This 14 page PDF file includes a thorough biography of James Armistead Lafayette, the American spy.
Watch this film to find out how Arnold was a spy for the British army.
This six page PDF file is a lesson plan about spies in the Revolutionary War. Includes reproducible pages for a classroom game.
This is a collection of biographies on the men and women involved in the Revolutionary War. Learn about George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, King George III, Samuel Adams, Benedict Arnold, Crispus Attucks, Nathan Hale, Ethan Allen, and more. Includes portraits, some videos, and letters from spies. There are links to eThemes Resources on Paul Revere and the Revolutionary War.

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