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Grammar: Compound Sentences

Here are resources for learning about compound sentences. There are interactive activities where students can combine simple sentences or identify conjunctions, printable worksheets, and ideas for hands-on lesson plans.


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This website explains how to write and correctly punctuate simple, compound, and complex sentences.
Check the box next to the correct sentence. This test can be printed out for grading.
Match the columns to create a compound sentence, then check your answers. NOTE: This page links to a site with a guestbook.
Use these examples to practice combining short sentences with conjunctions, subjects and verbs, and combining sentences in a paragraph.
Choose the best conjunction to complete the sentences in this short interactive quiz. NOTE: This page links to a site with a guestbook.
These sites explain the different types of sentences. Includes examples of interrogative, declarative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences. Also learn about run-on, compound, and complex sentences. Discover which punctuation ends certain types of sentences. Includes many online games and quizzes. There are links to eThemes Resources on nouns, verbs, paragraphs, and more.
Use these websites to learn how to diagram sentences. There are practice exercises, tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, and handouts.

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