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Literature: "Stones in Water" by Donna Napoli

These sites are about the author Donna Jo Napoli and “Stones in Water.” Included are eThemes resources on the Holocaust, Italy, and Inspiration software.


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Donna Joe Napoli does an interview and discusses her novel "Beast."
Read this short biography on Napoli.
This web site shows many of Napoli's most recent titles. There is also information about her family.
This article reviews the sequel to "Stones in Water" titled, "Fire in the Hills," and some other war books. NOTE: The site includes ads
Students can view a photograph of Napoli and read reviews about some of her books.
These sites are about the Holocaust and the devastating impact that it had on Jewish people and others. Also includes information about Adolf Hitler, concentration camps, crematoriums, and resistance fighters. There are videos of survivors talking about their experiences, plus many photos.
These sites introduce the country of Italy. There is information on Italy's history, culture, art, traditions, cuisine, cars, and more. You can listen to a recording of the National Anthem, take a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel, view an interactive map, or read about the history of pizza.
These sites offer numerous ideas for classroom projects that use Inspiration and Kidspiration software. There are many examples of graphic organizers that can be used for a variety of activities. Many sites have step-by-step instructions or let you download a preformatted graphic organizer and change it to fit your needs. Also includes Inspiration and Kidspiration tutorials.

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