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Solar System: Kuiper Belt Objects

These sites are about Eris, Quaoar, and other bodies in the Kuiper belt. Included are eThemes on Pluto, Sedna, comets, and “What is a Planet?”


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Students can find out about the Kuiper Belt. (pronounced Ki-Per) Click on "Kid's Eye View" or "Gallery" for additional information.
Eris and her moon, Dysnomia, now have official names. Eris used to be known as Xena. Students can read about this dwarf planet. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Students can download this two-page PDF file.
Here is a photograph of Eris (formerly known as Xena or UB313) and its moon.
Students can read about objects beyond the orbit of Neptune as well as "Recent Headlines" on the planet debate.
Students can click on "Images and Movies" for photographs and paintings.
Students can view an artist's conception of Eris. This fact sheet can be printed out.
View these 60 images which include Eris and the "New Solar System Designations."
Students can find out what a dwarf planet is, and click on "Gallery" for images of Pluto and Charon.
Students can view an artist's image of "Quaoar." (pronounced kwa-whar) Scroll down for more information.
Signs of "crystalline water ice" discovered on Quaoar.
Students can read this article about Quaoar and the origins of the solar system.
What does the word planet mean? Find out and then click on "Gallery" or "Kid's Eye View" for more information.
Learn about Pluto, the dwarf planet. Read how this dwarf planet was formed, its geological formation, and planned missions to Pluto. Students and teachers can read articles on Pluto's demotion to dwarf planet. Includes many photographs.
These sites are about the composition, orbits, and characteristics of comets. Includes photographs, videos, and hands-on activities.
Learn how and when the new planetoid Sedna was discovered. Read about different theories and mysteries surrounding the planetoid and its hypothetical moon. Includes graphics, photographs, and an animation.
What exactly is a planet? Is it size or composition or even its gravitational pull? Even the scientists cannot decide. Make your own decision by using these web sites.



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