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Transportation: Grades 1-2

These sites about transportation are for children in grades 1-2. Topics covered include automobiles, trains, boats, and aircraft. There are also images and interactive games about the history and different forms of transportation.


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Learn about Japanese Transport history, and vehicles that travel by land, sky, and sea. Includes a fun game and quiz.
Click on the link of your choice for a variety of printable mode of transportation posters. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Click on the cloud icons to play some games, see different types of airplanes, and color various printable airplane drawings. NOTE: The site includes links that lead to sites with ads.
Images of the aircraft on exhibit at the Museum of Flight.
Thinkquest Junior 2000 Winner. A great student-designed guide to bicycling. Features different types of bikes, famous cyclists, bike safety, bike history and more.
This great site provides photos and descriptions of various types of dump trucks. You can view larger versions of the photos, as well as watch movies and slide shows.
Read about safety guidelines that kids should know when using public transportation particularly public bus.
This lesson plan is to help students learn about using public transportation such as reading bus schedules and different forms of transportation. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site provides online lessons about transportation and public transit. A quiz after each lesson is included. NOTE: This site is appropriate for older students.

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