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Writing: Conclusions

What makes a good conclusion? On these websites you will find resources that describe effective conclusions and offer tips and strategies for writing them well. Different typs of conclusions for different methods of writing are discussed. Included are three eThemes resources on writing essays, research papers, and paragraphs.


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This page has strategies for writing effective conclusions and also gives examples of types of conclusions to avoid.
The conclusion should be the best part of the paper. This page has suggestions and strategies for writing strong conclusions that make a good last impression on the reader.
This page has more tips for writing strong and effective conclusions.
Watch a short movie about how to write a five-paragraph essay, including the conclusion then take a pop-quiz. There is also a crossword puzzle. NOTE: This site is available by subscription only.
Here are some tips for writing an ending paragraph that "closes the discussion without closing it off."
Here are a few suggestions for making your conclusions more interesting.
Here are tips for how to begin and end your paper.
This page instructs students on how to write an effective ending for an essay or research paper.
These sites focus on writing descriptive essays for Junior High and High School students. There are lesson plan and activity ideas, possible essay topics, advice for improving writing skills, tips for avoiding clich?s, and many examples of descriptive writing. Includes links to eThemes resources on research papers, persuasive writing, and 6+1 writing traits.
These sites focus on the steps involved in writing a research paper. Learn how to brainstorm a topic, organize information, use transition words, and write bibliographies. There are tips and handouts on how to evaluate online sources, plus links to child-safe search engines. Includes links to eThemes Resources on online resources and graphic organizers.
These sites have tips and examples on how to write good paragraphs. Includes graphic organizers to help students write down topic, detail, and concluding sentences. There are classroom activities and online writing exercises. Includes links to eThemes Resources on sentences and writing prompts.

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