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Writing: Summarizing and Note Taking

These sites have various techniques that help students to acquire summarizing and note taking skills. Includes a interactive tutorials, exercises, worksheets, videos, and lesson plans. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Reading Strategies for Elementary Students.


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This lesson explains how to instruct students to read paragraphs and take notes. A downloadable chart is provided.
This video clearly demonstrates how to take notes and write a summary of a non-fiction article.
This brief video demonstrates the interactive site on note-taking on ReadWriteThink.
The links demonstrate how to paraphrase passages for note-taking and summarizing articles in the student's own words. Note: This site contains advertising.
This page provides a guideline for note-taking including finding major points in lecture, form of note-taking, and way to reduce and streamline notes.
This site includes various activities for students to practice summarizing strategies. Worksheets are included.
This page has suggested activities for teachers to teach students about summarizing strategies. Worksheets are included.
This is an interactive outline tool for note taking and organizing your writing.
This is an interactive tutorial for students to learn about what information to include in a summary or note taking. It offers guidelines on selecting pertinent facts from reference materials.
In this activity, students can work together to elaborate on their original summarization of passages they have just read.
Watch this series of videos to learn how to identify main points and summarize what they have read. The link at the bottom of the page leads to lesson activity ideas to help students learn to summarize.
These websites contain reading strategies to help elementary school students become good readers. Some websites simply list strategies and some include activities to help students learn. One website compares good reading with poor reading. Some websites are written for students who are having trouble learning to read.

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