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Olympic Games: Bidding to Host Olympics 2012

These Web sites are about the cities that are bidding to host the Olympics in 2012. Read about how a city is chosen to host the Olympics. Find out about London, New York, Madrid, Moscow, and Paris and the sports facilities they have available for the different competitions. Includes lesson plans that go along with the topic.


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Read this short report about the cities bidding to host the 2012 Olympics. Includes the positive and negative aspects of each city. NOTE: This site has links to external sites.
This website explains the progress of what all is being done to prepare the city of London to host the 2012 Olympic games. Includes an interactive map that shows all the sports facilities and which sports will be played there. NOTE: This site includes a feed with comments from Twitter.
Here are links to many stories about the cities bidding to host the 2012 Olympics. Although many of the stories deal with London, there are stories about the other cities as well.
This is the official website for the U.S. Olympic team. Read about how athletes are in training for the next Olympic games and view photos of athletes from different sports. Under the "Athlete Life" tab, watch videos about how athletes train to prepare for the Olympics. NOTE: There are links to various blogs written by Olympic athletes.
Learn about this convention center that will hold the wrestling, table tennis, weightlifting, and other competitions if the Olympics are held in New York. Click on "Javits Center Expansion" to learn about how the center could be expanded for the Olympics. Click on "Show Managers," then "Virtual Tour" to see a virtual tour of the center.
Use the right menu to find information about the election process for the host city and candidate cities. Click "More about the election" or "Other candidate cities" to read the information.
Click on a map to read about proposed Olympic 2012 game by each candidate cities.
Scroll down to view emblems and flags from each bidding cities for Olympics 2012.
In this lesson plan, students will decide for a city if it is worth hosting the Olympic games from cost-benefit analysis. NOTE: This site has links to external sites.
Students will gather information about candidate cities and decide a host city for Olympic games. NOTE: This site has a link to external site.

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