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Circus Acts and Animals

These sites focus on circus animals, acts, and performers. There is historical information about circuses, plus photographs, audio files, and video clips.


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Explore the links to find video clips of circus performers and a tour of the big top.
Click on the icon to enter the site, where you can see photos of the animals, learn about the acts, and read about the history. The links are located on the left. Try the Ringmaster's quiz or the aptitude test that tells you what circus job you are best suited for in "Fun! Games! E-mail!"
Explore this student-created website to learn about the history of the circus and clowns.
This site has photos and some information about circus animals. Includes virtual tours and kids' page. Using a menu of the left to navigate the site.
Try this word search that uses words from the circus.
Learn more about circus animals by exploring the links. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site, sponsored by PETA, presents a different view of the treatment given to circus animals. This site can be used to show that not everyone agrees that circus animals have wonderful lives. Includes videos and photos, but preview everything before showing to assess the appropriateness for young children.
This page has craft ideas that go along with circus theme. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Read an interview transcript to learn about what it takes to become a circus performance as well as what benefits and drawbacks of the job are. NOTE: This site contains ads and discussion forums.
This lesson incorporates the art concept of divisionism to teach students about circus activities.

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