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Geography: Landforms

These sites are about different types of landforms found around the world. Includes mountains, canyons, plains, beaches, and bays. There are photographs, drawings, online games, and activities. Includes links to eThemes Resources on rivers, oceans, lakes, erosion, and Missouri landforms.


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Teaching resources, encyclopedic entries and activities related to landforms.
Activities for interactive whiteboards to introduce students to landforms, volcanoes, earthquakes, weathering and erosion, rocks and soil.
World Landform activities include: interactive scavenger hunt, grand canyon jigsaw, great barrier reef cloze reading, rainforest cloze reading, grand canyon cloze reading world landforms abc order, amazon reading comprehensions, mount vesuvius reading comprehension, landforms sentence surgeons, world landform identification, and world landform word search. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Cement your students' understanding of landforms by engaging them in the following games: landform picture hunt, clay landforms, or landform memory. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Using this interactive map, explore the various landform regions of the United States.
Review basic information about landforms and reinforce these concepts with select teaching activities or have students' extend their knowledge by sending home suggestions for activities students can do with their parents.
This site includes drawings and definitions of water and landforms. There is also a link to a landforms quiz at the top of the page.
Click on the different landforms on this map for a photograph and brief description. Includes plains, mountains, deserts, and islands.
This school site has in-depth descriptions of valleys, plateaus, mountains, and plains. Includes photographs.
Try to solve this game by searching for the landform names.
Play these matching, flashcards, word search, and concentration games to learn the terms for landforms.
Read how this canyon was formed, where the rock came from, and when it happened.
View a live Webcam image of the Grand Canyon. Includes current ozone and weather information.
This is an aerial view of the Florida Bay. Notice how much smaller it is than the Gulf of Mexico.
Learn how scientists believe that the Gulf of Mexico was formed.
These sites are about the different geographical regions in Missouri. Learn about the Ozarks, the Ozark border, glaciated plains, Osage plains, Mississippi lowlands, and rivers. Includes a video from the Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage series about the Missouri regions.
These sites are about rivers and how they are formed. Topics include streams, tributaries, deltas, floodplains, and sediment. There are vocabulary words, illustrations, activity ideas, and quizzes. Includes eThemes Resources on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.
These sites are about the oceans of the world. Topics include habitats, tides, currents, temperatures, depths, and more. There are many photos and videos. Includes links to eThemes Resources on ocean animals and continents.
These sites focus on the process and effects of weathering and erosion. See examples of landslides, valleys, and other results of erosion and weathering. Includes an eThemes on rocks and minerals and one on Missouri's geography and landforms.
These sites focus on ponds and lakes. Find out what plants and animals thrive in these ecosystems. Includes a story about a frog living in a pond, tips on pond dipping, and a mathematical formula for calculating the surface acreage of ponds. There is also an online booklet of tips for managing a Missouri pond. An eThemes Resource on habitats is included.

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